About United Veterans Services

United Veterans Services is a non-profit, charitable organization with 38 units in VA Hospitals and Medical Centers across the United States, and Puerto Rico. These units provide for the comfort needs of veterans not covered by the Federal Government. Our primary goal is service to hospitalized veterans, and our volunteers work in numerous programs and activities that benefit veterans from World War II to returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq.

100% of all donations go directly to support veteran's activities and UVS has no paid staff. We have thousands of volunteers in 38 VA Hospitals and Medical Clinics and you can become part of this team. We are always seeking additional volunteers to help with veteran patient activities, and with local fund raisers.

United Veterans Services is one of the few organizations in the VA Medical system that is COMMUNITY BASED - volunteers do not have to be associated with a branch of the military to join, and there are no dues. We only ask that you are committed to our goal of SERVICE to hospitalized veterans in 38 VA Medical Centers around the USA and Puerto Rico.

Our Mission Statement:

United Veterans Services is a national service organization committed to recruiting volunteers and raising funds to help meet the needs of hospitalized veterans in Veterans Affairs Medical Centers throughout the nation, thereby strengthening the human spirit and quality of life for these veterans. We are a non-profit corporation, whose mission is "never having to say NO" to any worthwhile request for a veteran from a VA Medical Center anywhere in the USA.