United Veterans Services
Board of Directors


Leslie Buchman
Foster City, CA

Jean Marie Brown
Pacifica, CA

George Frye
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Fred O'Bryan
Lexington, KY 

Steven Hurd
Togus, Maine

Erma Harris
Richmond, VA

Karl Naugle
Summerville, SC

Marvin Littky
Vice President
West Palm Beach, FL

Laura Balun
Springfield, VA 

Frank Schleifer
Sunnyvale, CA 

Joseph Sylvester
Scranton, PA 

Richard Walters
Bath, NY 

Joseph Dooley
Manchester, NH

George Harding
Trussville, AL  


Our Mission Statement:

United Veterans Services is a national service organization committed to recruiting volunteers and raising funds to help meet the needs of hospitalized veterans in Veterans Affairs Medical Centers throughout the nation, thereby strengthening the human spirit and quality of life for these veterans. We are a non-profit corporation, whose mission is "never having to say NO" to any worthwhile request for a veteran from a VA Medical Center anywhere in the USA.