Volunteer Spotlight: Jean Marie Brown

Jean Marie Brown

Jean Marie Brown

What she does: Pacifica resident Jean Marie Brown started volunteering at the San Francisco VA Medical Center in April 2009, one month after retiring from the VA with 36 years of federal service.

"When I began as a volunteer in Public Affairs seven years ago, some of my duties involved posting items on bulletin boards and making deliveries throughout the facility," says Jean Marie. "I help with the set-up of various special events, such as our Veterans Day Celebration and, recently, the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War." Jean Marie also prepares packages for mailing promotional materials to our six VA community clinics, and creates Excel worksheet inventories of Public Affairs equipment and products. She is currently involved in a project to archive vintage photographs going back to when the hospital opened in 1934.

Why she volunteers: "One of the reasons I love my volunteer job is that every day is different," says Jean Marie. "I never know what the priorities are going to be for the day until I come into the office. This makes the work interesting and challenging at times. I also love the people I work with in Public Affairs and Medical Media. They are some of the best people, and I'm honored to work besides them to support our Veterans and employees."

Her advice to others who would like to volunteer: "Try it!" says Jean Marie. "Start with a job that sounds interesting. If you decide it is not a good fit for you, try something else. There are many needs within the facility and at our VA community clinics where volunteers can really make a difference. Also, it gives you an opportunity to do something different and meet some wonderful Veterans and employees."

Originally posted on SFVA Website