UVS Donation to Veterans Dorm

By Marvin S. Littky, National Vice President, UVS

The Veteran's Dorm at the Wakulla Correctional Institution in Crawfordville, Florida was the beneficiary of a United Veterans Services donation in the sum of $2,000.00 dollars, which was used to purchase educational books, materials and tools.

After these veterans served our country and came back to their homes, many of them were damaged physically and mentally from the strains of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and unfortunately, many of them wound up serving time in prison for various crimes.

These educational materials were intended to assist the veterans for the day when they would leave prison, return to their homes, and would be fortunate enough to find gainful employment in the job market.

The Thank You Card art on the front cover was artistically drawn by one such veteran and the very emotional and heartfelt poem on the inside was written by another incarcerated veteran.

Almost all of the veterans in the Veterans Dorm then wrote their own note of thanks to the volunteers at the United Veterans Services. The one that I personally found to be the most inspirational said:

"To help those that need help the most, makes you the most helpful. Thank you."

On behalf of all the volunteers associated with the United Veterans Services, we say "Thank you for your service......you will not be forgotten" to all of the veterans in the Veterans Dorm at Wakulla Correctional.

Thank You Poem Transcription:

Thank You

There are those who turn their backs on men behind the walls and then there are those who look in scorn at folks who took a fall. There are others that say "Lock 'em up and throw away the key," as if the only place for us is a cage and never free.

Yet thank the Lord there are a few that have a broader vision, and accept the challenges that come from taking on this mission, to salvage men who made mistakes, but see error in their ways, and choose to use the time they have to work for brighter days.

The key to this transition is not in guards or more probation. It's no surprise the answer lies in broader education, in principles, in values and in building our life plan - the subjects that will help us all become better men.

Some years ago the men here served on flight lines, ships and tanks. Now veterans of Wakulla Main Unit wish to offer sincere thanks! Supplies that you have sent us will make up for what we lack. As fathers, sons, and citizens, to home, we will be back!

Poem by C. Carlisle